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Annual Bucoda Washington Zombie Crawl

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

Saturday September 29th at 6pm will start the Zombie Fest in the Town of Bucoda.

Zombies all over the country will come to help our small town set a new record for the Zombies in the Town of Bucoda. Participating zombies will be featured in a new horror film. Come crawl around Bucoda and show your Zombie love.

All you have to do is show up in Zombie makeup, Dressed as a Zombie, And do your best Zombie Crawl, Walk, lurch, limp or slither. Bring a can of Non-perishable food item to support our local food bank. We must keep our food supply healthy!

Live Event assembles outside Zombie Town Hall 100 block Main St Bucoda Wa.

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Zombie Rulez

1.) No Attacking bystanders
Even though you and I may love this kind of thing there may be others who do not, respect their space and they will respect our celebration.
The easiest way to be arrested is to touch someone who is not signed up to participant of the Zombie walk, keep your hands to yourself and no handcuffs will be on them.

2.) No walking into Traffic
Again great way to get hurt or get arrested, not to mention possibly causing an accident

3.) All weapons should be easily discernible as fake
Keep bright orange caps on the end of toy guns
No replica weapons, the word replica implies “like the real thing”

4.) No part of your costume should squirt or project any liquids or objects

5.) No profanities
We will most likely walk by many innocent children during the walk, No need to wrap their minds any further than seeing the walking dead already.
Keep in character; I’ve never heard a Zombie drop the F bomb

6.) Ham it Up!
Your wearing fake blood and ripped up clothes and walking around moaning in public, doing that louder will not be any more embarrassing

7.) Walk like a Zombie
This is not a speed walking event, Zombies lurch, crawl, limp, slither, etc.

8.) Stay in character
Please remember that Zombies do not truly have the motor or cognitive abilities to operate a camera or cell phone We have plenty of people documenting the event, so please try to refrain from taking pictures during the actual walk There will be time before and after the walk beside again Zombies don’t have conversations or text their friends, they’re dead, they’re all messed up.

9.) Stay on Public Property
Do not go onto private property, stick to the sidewalks.

10.) Have Fun
Come up with a theme and Stay in character as much as possible. It’s a zombie flash mob celebration of a great time of year, Moan like you mean it!

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