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National Fraud Awareness Week - Damon Marturion
Internet crimes are at an all-time high. What are the most common types of Internet crime? How can Internet crime affect my business? What should Internet users be aware of? What to do if you are a victim of an Internet crime? The answers to all these and more. . .

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Infiltration of the Klez virus - Damon Marturion
What to do about the Klex virus infection on your machine? How is the virus deployed? What are the variations of the virus? How to clean your machine? How does the Klez virus effect your business? Answers to your questions about the Klez virus . . .

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Walt Disney Company Buys Fox Family- Damon Marturion
News Corporation announced today the completion of the sale of Fox Family Worldwide, Inc. to Walt Disney Company. The sale follows the July 23 announcement that News Corporation and Haim Saban had agreed to sell Fox Family Worldwide to Walt Disney Company . . .

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Will hackers keep the cyberpeace? - Damon Marturion
Incidents of hacktivism--digital protests with a political message--have been around for decades, serving as the cyber equivalent of campus sit-ins and sidewalk graffiti. They do minimal economic or lasting technical damage to government agencies or companies. They are more nuisance and embarrassment than anything else . . .

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