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Casting Call for Zombie Movie Stars

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

September 29th, 2012, Filmmaker Stephen Steinford will be filming zombies to be used in his upcoming zombie movie. You can be a zombie cast member in this new horror film just by showing up in costume and character.

Cast members who participate in this one-time event will receive a signed 8x10 by the lead scream queen actress of the film, their name in the credits of the movie (wouldn't you like your name to be found in the Internet Movie Database at and copy of the completed film. This event will also be your screen test that may earn you an invite to come back and get an even bigger part in the film.

Here's how you can immortalize your zombie likeness, simply show up in Bucoda, Washington by 6:00 p.m. on September 29th, 2012. Sign up at the Bucoda Fire Department to meet the actress and get the details. Zombies will participate in the Bucoda Zombie Crawl.

Stephen Steinford and Caleb Simpson are working on a script for a new horror movie being filmed in the Washington town of Bucoda.

Steinford says, "Zombie movies are pretty much normal everyday fare," says Steinford, "But while working on another project I discovered the world's best zombie-movie plot-line based on the true history of the town's origins."

Co-author Caleb Simpson says, "Our characters, scenarios, and locations leave the need for little creativity due to the evil past of Bucoda. Seatco (the original name for the town) meant 'Evil spirit,' or 'Devil'. The name was changed to Bucoda in an effort to veil the satanic roots which gave the town the ability to flourish for a while in various industries." Simpson is in charge of the massive research project of uncovering the town's secrets and disclosing them fully in the film.

Bucoda is perfect as the backdrop for this zombie film due to its rich haunted and nefarious roots. "We will be bringing all this data together in one horror-filled nightmare come-to-life as every evil event, victim and/or predator is released as the walking dead seeking revenge as they feed their insatiable appetite for the living."

For more details on Bucoda's Zombie Crawl, Click Here or visit their Web site.

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