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Top AOL searches of 2001 led by Britney Spears

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

America Online, Inc. has taken a look back at 2001 by culling lists from some of its most popular features. From search terms to message boards, AOL's 32 million members proved that they not only have their fingers on their keyboards, but also on the pulse of America.


PEOPLE: AOL members go crazy for Britney Spears! This sexy singing sensation reigns supreme in the 10 most searched people of 2001.

1) Britney Spears 2) Nostradamus 3) Oprah 4) Jennifer Lopez 5) Martha Stewart 6) Aaliyah 7) Lil Bow Wow 8) Eminem 9) Pamela Anderson 10) Osama bin Laden

BANDS: Boy bands ruled the 10 most searched bands of 2001, but only one can hold the number one slot. Justin, Joey, Lance, JC and Chris proved that they are 'N Sync, by being the most searched band on AOL this year.

1) 'N Sync 2) Backstreet Boys 3) O-Town 4) Destiny's Child 5) Blink 182 6) Linkin Park 7) Slipknot 8) Kiss 9) Incubus 10) Sublime

GEORGES: No need for a re-count...George W. Bush heads the list of top searched Georges of 2001. Surprisingly, more members searched for Curious George than for cutie George Clooney!

1) George W. Bush 2) George Washington 3) George Strait 4) George Washington Carver 5) George Bush 6) George Harrison 7) Curious George 8) George Clooney 9) George Carlin 10) George Jung

TOYS: Barbie proves she's still a classic by achieving the top spot as AOL's most searched toy in 2001. While Beanie Babies and Hello Kitty made the list, old time favorites made a strong comeback.

1) Barbie 2) Legos 3) Scooters 4) Beanie Babies 5) Hot Wheels 6) Dolls 7) Go Peds 8) Hello Kitty 9) Radio Control Cars 10) Marbles


Members chatted online with their favorite musicians, movie stars, and television personalities in 2001. While "watch and chats" were extremely popular, the pure star power of Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Janet Jackson got members talking.

1.) Grammy Awards Watch & Chat 6.) Janet Jackson 2.) American Music Awards Watch & Chat 7.) Survivor: Australian Outback Watch & Chat 3.) Hollywood's Big Night - 2001 (Oscars) 8.) Blink 182 4.) Jennifer Love Hewitt 9.)Aaron Carter 5.) Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts 10.) MTV VMA Watch & Chat TOP POLL TOPICS

Members definitely have strong opinions, and aren't afraid to speak up! They weighed in on the following top 10 poll topics of 2001:

Should We Rebuild the World Trade Center? -- 58% thought Yes. 2) Will U.S. Catch Osama bin Laden? - 42% said Very Likely. 3) Where Will Britney Be in Five Years? - 35% said she will be Mrs. Timberlake. 4) Do You Support the Military Strikes in Afghanistan? - 91% voted Yes. 5) Have You Flown a Flag Since Sept. 11th? - 86% said Yes. 6) Who is Your Favorite Pop Star? - 55% voted Britney Spears. 7) What is Your Favorite Breed of Dog? - 26% voted for the Labrador retriever. 8) What is Your Favorite Baby Name of 2001? - 25% said Michael for a boy and 30% said Madison for a girl. 9) Which Rules: Cats vs. Dogs - 61% responded that Dogs rule the universe. 10) Who Do You Think is the Most Powerful Woman in America? 73% said Katie Couric.


We all know that the Internet is a great tool for reaching out to people. If a topic is posted, AOL's members will respond! Members participated in the following top 10 message board discussions of 2001: (Note: America Strikes was the most popular overall area, however the following individual message boards received the largest number of postings.) 1) Dieting 2) Politics of Ireland 3) Israel Politics 4) Politics of the United States 5) Pregnancy 6) Infertility 7) Dale Earnhardt 8) America Under Attack: How is the President Handling the Crisis 9) Big Brother 2 10.) New York Mets

. . . watch for more stories coming soon  


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