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Neoteris Products Enter General Availability

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

Neoteris' Remote Access Solutions Provide the Highest Levels of Security and Scalability While Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Neoteris, a new company providing instant, secure access to corporate network resources, announced today the general availability of its two Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) product lines, EmployeeAcess and PartnerAccess. These unique products enable companies to offer secure access to corporate resources in a matter of hours, require no client-side software or hardware and need no changes to existing LAN infrastructure. Neoteris' IVE offerings will dramatically reduce total cost of ownership, greatly reduce deployment time, and enhance network security. "When you're talking about network security, less is more - the less complexity intrinsic to the system, the more likely you can deploy, administer, and maintain it." Says Dan Farmer, renowned expert and author of the analysis tool SATAN, "Neoteris' Instant Virtual Extranet products add to security by reducing complexity compared to traditional VPN solutions." In contrast to VPNs that open an encrypted tunnel between the client and the corporate network, which allows a means of entry for unintended or maliciously transmitted worms, viruses or Trojans, as well as the possibility of network hack attempts, Neoteris' IVE products provide an added layer of protection to corporate network resources. While custom extranets overcome these security issues, they come with high price tags and lengthy implementations, taxing corporations in both time and money. The EmployeeAccess product line provides secure access to corporate resources for remote, mobile or telecommuting workers, while PartnerAccess offers a superset of functionality that allows corporate partners access to selected network resources, with centralized access control provided by user/group definitions. "Neoteris has developed sophisticated, ground breaking technology that greatly simplifies today's remote access solutions. We believe that we've combined the best aspects of a VPN and the best parts of an extranet while alleviating such pain points as security, scalability and high cost. The result is something entirely new," said Neoteris CEO Krishna "Kittu" Kolluri. "After completing successful beta trials, we are delighted to introduce our products to the public." Neoteris beta customers, including 3Com, Netledger (makers of the Oracle Small Business Suite), Finisar, Monterey Designs and ARX Networks, have found that the IVE products live up to their claims. Neoteris' IVE products surpassed expectations in areas crucial to any remote access solution: security, ease of implementation, cost and anytime/anywhere access. Maurice Smallwood, Director of Operations and IT at NetLedger reports, "The Neoteris appliance comes ready to work right out of the box. It's a complete package, and you don't need to add anything else." Neoteris' lines of Instant Virtual Extranet products offer solutions to challenges felt by many companies, in a variety of industries. "More than ever, companies today must be securely connected to their remote employees and partners in order to conduct business. Neoteris' Instant Virtual Extranet products fill a real need for companies, their employees and their partners, in a simple and secure manner," said Jim Barksdale, Neoteris investor, partner of The Barksdale Group and former president and CEO of Netscape Communications.

Smallwood comments on pricing, "I know that we will save money if we don't have to buy and support individual VPN devices, and we don't have to configure individual hardware or software- if all a client needs is a Web browser. And if I hear that something is wrong or need to do an upgrade, I have only one box to look at, as opposed to lots of VPN clients. That is a significant savings for us, in both time and money."

Pricing and Availability:
Three of the five EmployeeAccess products, EA200, EA250 and EA275, are now available starting at $14,995. The first three PartnerAccess products, PA1000, PA1500 and PA1750 are also available, with prices beginning at $29,995. For sales information please go to

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