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DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) Recruits American Chocolate Lovers to Run Their Own Chocolatier Business
Direct Selling Venture Allows Consumers to Turn Their Passion for Chocolate into a Career

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

MT. ARLINGTON, NJ -- MARS Snackfood US announced today the launch of DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM), the company's new venture into direct selling. DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) provides chocolate-lovers the opportunity to discover their inner entrepreneur -- or "Chocolatier" -- by starting an at-home chocolate business, beginning with hosting chocolate parties, selling exclusive DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) products and developing a network of Chocolatiers.

To introduce DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM), a brand new website has been developed that celebrates the business of chocolate for both current and potential Chocolatiers. The Web site -- -- connects consumers to their local DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) Chocolatier and shares information on product offerings and on how to get involved with the program. The Web site was created to support DOVE Chocolate Discoveries'(TM) recruiting efforts and offer information on the exclusive line of DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) products, including Chocolate Mousse Mix, Chocolate-Covered Almonds and Cranberries, Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix, Chocolate Making Kits, and a variety of chocolate beverages. Non-edible products such as a fondue set and a recipe book are also sold through DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM).

"DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) is a great opportunity for women and men who want to start their own at-home business and teach friends and family how to create "wow" desserts with ease, discover new ways to enjoy chocolate and learn about its origin," said Betty Palm, the president of DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM). "Selling exclusive quality chocolate products at fun tasting parties -- what could be better?"

All Chocolatiers are trained and equipped to hold chocolate parties that focus on their customer's area of interest -- candy-making, simple desserts, drinks, or simply savoring the chocolate as-is. After attending a party, guests have the opportunity to become Chocolatiers themselves or host their own Chocolate Tasting party. These tasting parties are the only place where DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) products are sold.

With consumer trends in product premiumization, home entertaining and entrepreneurship on the rise, today's marketplace is ripe for new Chocolatiers to join the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) family and work with exclusive products made from the world's finest chocolate and designed to exceed consumers' expectations. With the flexibility to choose between a supplemental or full-time revenue source, DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) gives potential Chocolatiers the opportunity to discover their entrepreneurial dreams.

About DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM):

DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) is based in Mt. Arlington, NJ and is a division of Mars Snackfood US. DOVE Chocolate Discoveries(TM) is a national, premium chocolate direct-selling business available in the 48 contiguous states, offering exclusive chocolate products, recipes and non-edible items. For more information on the company and how to become a Chocolatier, please visit or call 866-922-3683.

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