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One-stop Business Connectivity Solutions at Wholesale Prices

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

SEATTLE - Web Masters Ink provides businesses connectivity solutions for integration with the World Wide Web and beyond.

Dave Masters with Web Masters Ink intends his business model to be a one-stop solution to business' connectivity and tele-communications.

"Our strategy of providing total communications services to our customers is our primary focus," says Masters, "our ability to provide turnkey Internet solutions is critical to servicing our customers."

Web Masters Ink designs, procures and facilitates the installation and use of communications services solutions that best meet customers' specific requirements and budgets - all at no cost to the client.

Web Masters Ink now offers high-speed, dedicated access (DSL, 56Kbps to T-3) and dial-up access coast-to-coast from more than 800 points of presence. A full-service business solutions provider, WMI provides website and e-mail hosting, server co-locations, firewalls and security products, and electronic commerce solutions.

Masters explains, "We rely on experienced professionals with proven industry knowledge in strategy, design, integration and deployment of communications solutions for small and medium size businesses."

"Our company focuses on being the single point of contact to businesses for data, voice and Internet solutions," Masters continues, "We enable our clients to make one call, state their needs, and we see that their professional solutions are customized and expedited at wholesale prices."

Only by being submersed in these rapidly changing technologies can WMI provide superior solutions at discount prices without sacrificing personalized award-winning customer service and client satisfaction.

"We believe in building long-standing relationships with our clients. We provide solutions based on our clients' pocketbook. Granted, some of our clients have million-dollar budgets," Masters says, "but we offer acceptable solutions for small businesses that are custom designed to their needs and budgets."

WMI is more than just an Internet connectivity solutions provider, assisting Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide their dial-up customers with the fastest connection to the World Wide Web, but also provides solutions for clients that include voice services like, digital trunking, ISDN and off-premise extensions.

"With current technologies, branch offices in different locations, whether it be across town or across the nation," Masters says, "you can connect your offices electronically, so that they can co-operate instantly and simultaneously just as if they were next door. They all can use one phone number, one main computer, one database, and all have instant intercom access."

In addition to Internet and voice solutions, WMI also offers data, long distance and wireless solutions.

"Think about it," says Masters, "with today's space-age technologies, we can have that same high-level of inter-office connectivity in your car, on your person, at your home . . . the possibilities are endless."

"These high levels of connectivity are changing the face of home business as we know it. When you phone your broker, he could be taking your call in the comfort of his living room, with the same resources available to him, if he were on the Wall Street trading floor, live."

You can learn more about Web Masters Ink and their connectivity solutions by visiting their Web site or by placing a toll-free call to 1-888-530-8778.

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