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Help for Aspriring Actors and Actresses Online

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

HOLLYWOOD - Of the many online Web sites that exploit the hopes and dreams of actors, actresses, models and members of various talent related fields, one company steps up to the plate and makes a stand on their behalf.

Talent enthusiast Jay Solomon has launched Star Search Video in an attempt to assist struggling actors, actresses and those possessing extraordinary talents of all varieties, to find work in their desired fields.

"It's tough for those in the entertainment industry," says Solomon, "instead of relying on luck, we took an agressive approach. We decided to harness the power of the Internet and the World Wide Web to help our clients find real jobs in their fields."

"The reality of this industry is that its primary influence is luck, followed by any intimate relationship with someone with connections." McGiveron explains, "We have seen many people with Web sites that are trying to promote talent, but few who could actually deliver work via a powerful, nearly unlimited, medium. So we took what others were trying to do a step further."

Partnering with professional programmers, marketing professionals and webmasters, Solomon developed a Web strategy to appeal to those in the entertainment industry. A strategy that would not be limited by proximity to primary markets, like the competition.

"We developed a concrete plan that was fuzzy enough to totally take advantage of the flexibility of the Internet." Solomon continues, "Our initial plan was to go public but the stock market was sending strong signals that now was not a good time to seek outside funding for this as a dot-com project. So with a common goal in mind, we decided to self-finance the project."

Star Search Video would accept all who apply, not restricting participants to certain regional boundries. The principal is sound. Talent is needed in other areas besides Los Angeles and New York.

"I'm working with representatives that do service Hollywood and am currently entertaining offers from representatives in other major markets." Says Solomon, "The crux of the Star Search Video concept is to be accessible to all areas at all times, understanding that if you are working on a project away from major markets, we can likely find a solution near your location."

To futher set aside itself from other sites that do not provide results, Star Search Video encourages its clients to take advantage of streaming video slates.

"Because we allow our artists to come from any locality, we are prevented from doing the actual video slates ourselves." Solomon explains, "We obviously cannot send a camera crew out to shoot a video slate, but if the talent has existing video, we can stream that information via the Internet to potential buyers of talent."

Star Search Video does not charge extra for video streaming, only requiring the participants to have the video information on VHS format. Star Search Video will convert up to five minutes of the footage to digital format for delivery via the Internet.

"It is an exciting time for us." Solomon says, "we are anxious to not only take full advantage of promotional opportunites via the World Wide Web for our clients but our goal is to deliver results."

"We're working hard so that our motivated clients don't have to compromise their moral standards to get work in the entertainment industry."

For a limited time, Star Search Video offers free sign-up and registration via special invitation at the Video Addicts Hotline in an attempt to discover new actors and actresses of all varieties.

You can learn more about Jay Solomon and Star Search Video by visiting his Web site located at

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