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Is the AllAdvantage Viewbar a Scam?

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

PALO ALTO - One of the most successful marketing coups has been pulled-off by Palo Alto-based AllAdvantage. Basically the premise of the offer that has been a raging success on the Internet is this:

Signup with us. Install our simple program that displays rotating banner advertising in a small window on your computer, and we'll pay you fifty cents for every hour that you're online.

I resisted the temptation to be one of the first to participate in the program because I thought that this sounded too much like a, "free lunch," which we all know does not exist.

Then the e-mails started coming in to the newsdesk with disgruntled Internet surfers stating that they had been online for 200 hours, yet only credited with 5 hours, asking if AllAdvantage was a rip-off or a scam.

The results of our research proved that you can make money with the AllAdvantage program, if you are equipped with the knowledge to best take advantage of the offer.

AllAdvantage does not pay you for every hour you are online. They do, on the other hand, pay you for every qualifying hour that you spend online up to 25 hours per month. AllAdvantage does have plans of increasing the maximum to 40 hours.

The key appears to be in racking up qualifying hours. In order to be on the Internet and receive full credit, it would help to know what to look for to see if you are qualifying or not, nes pas?

You can tell if you are earning credits for your time online by simply checking the head of AllAdvantage's little critter at the lower left-hand corner of the viewbar. If its head is red (as shown) then you are not earning credit. If it is green, you are racking up the greenbacks.

To see the green, you'll need to have your browser in the primary position. If you have multiple windows open, your browser must be on top. The program also monitors your mouse movement to ascertain whether you're actually surfing or not. If your mouse does not move for two minutes, the light turns red once again.

What about the AllAdvantage referral program? This is the primary cause for the instant explosion of this program. Simply put, if you refer other people to the AllAdvantage program, they will pay you an additional ten cents for every qualifying hour that they are online! What if they sign-up someone else? You earn another five cents for every qualifying hour that they are on (up to the maximum number of hours).

When you sign-up with AllAdvantage be certain to note your account number and password. You will need them to check your statistics. You will also need to give your account number to those whom you recruit into the program in order to get credit for their qualifying hours spent on the Internet.

What about that free lunch? Okay, there are some qualifications that you are now aware of. Nothing to hide. Not necessarily a free lunch but you could easily rack-up some extra dinero to put towards your dial-up or Internet access account and there is an amazing opportunity to build up an impressive cash reserve for those that are ambitious, gregarious and participate in the referral portion of the program.

AllAdvantage is not a scam. They have come up with an original idea as it applies to distributing the monies paid by banner advertisiers to those who view them (under certain conditions). If you haven't already it may be time to sign-up and start getting your fair share of those advertising dollars.

Now you have the knowledge to really make some money while you surf the Internet.

. . . watch for more stories coming soon  


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