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Superheroes on the Internet

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

WWW - Following the success of the X-Men, Spidey is on the cutting edge of technology in preparation of the new blockbuster mega hit on the horizon with Spider-Man The Movie. Sam Raimi's film starring Tobey Maguire as the webslinger, opposite Willem Dafoe as The Green Goblin, is currently filming in New York and scheduled for release May 3rd, 2002. Kirsten Dunst landed the role of Mary Jane in the Spider-Man movie.

While the tension is mounting with the anticipated release of Spider-Man, mainstream comic publishers DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment are teaming up to propose the greatest superhero reunion of all time.

Early reports suggest a uniting of DC Comic's Justice League of America with Marvel's Avengers for a limited epic 4-issue monthly miniseries written and illustrated by the fan-favorite AVENGERS team of Kurt Busiek and George Pérez. Each issue will be 48 pages squarebound, alternating issues between the two publishers and co-edited by DC's Dan Raspler and Marvel's Tom Brevoort.

Ang Lee, director of the Oscar-nominated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has been selected to act as director of the silverscreen homage to the big green superhero known as The Hulk.

Rumors have it that a shirt-tailed-cousin of Jane Fonda's superheroine Barbarella is headed for a huge makeover by Charlie's Angels' screenwriter John August and Producer Drew Barrymore.

With all the superheroes once again gaining acceptance by a new generation of comic book buyers, this has eased the financial support that was a heavy drain on yuppies. The updated comic superhero business, led by Batman and Superman, is now alive, well and financially fit.

All this superhero talk has Spawned new life into the genre and mutations of the superhero mentality are springing up like weeds. It seems like everybody wants in on the act. Here's some of the latest lesser-known superheroes that may be on their way to hitting the big leagues:

Sururi Gumen's WonderGuy has already made his debut via his indie feature film of the same name and has his own comic strip online.

The United States Department of Justice and the Information Technology Association of America have teamed up to support CyberSpacers that boasts their own brand of superheroes (the leader's voice sounding suspiciously like that of Space Ghost) and comics. The cyber-awareness campaign with a deal in the making to launch a television show that will feature guest spots by cyberspacers who enter their online contest.

Superhero creators Philip Lane and Michael Willis present a toungue-in-cheek look at superherodom in their humorous presentation of Super Duper Heroes that feature comic superheroes like SuperDuperDude, the Purple Cloak, Circus-Boy and no super duper team would be complete without SuperDuperGirl.

And, of course, any superhero worth his weight should be BulletProof. Presented by the creators of Complex City.

Let's not forget God . . . since His Son's acension, he needs superheroes to fight his battles against evil on earth, right? The creaters of the Prosperous Warriors think so, and The Liberator is ready to do battle. They also offer a free newsletter and a how-to book entitled How to Draw Comic Heroes GOD's Way for faith-inspired cartooning artists.

It might be time to dust-off your ol' super-hero idea, you might stumble into your own platinum-lined niche. If you have a new superhero idea or know of one that I've overlooked then please drop me a line at with any information that you might have.

. . . watch for more stories coming soon  


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