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April 3rd: Back the Net Day

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO -- On March 7th, netpreneur, Michael Tchong launched an Internet campaign in an effort to "save the Internet," from its most destructive force: Itself.

Tchong's Iconocast is helping to back the project whose intent is to breathe the breath of life into a struggling dot-bomb economy. And why not? They, like many other Internet-based providers are seeing their client-list dwindle away to nothing.

In what looks like a desperate, last-ditch-effort to save e-commerce as we know it, Tchong says, "Fueled by a lack of confidence, our economy is slipping into recession. If this trend continues, you might soon lose access to your favorite online store, greeting card site, music site or financial chat group. Imagine the Internet without Yahoo or . . . . You can help the Net regain its respect.''

The day scheduled for the Internet event is April 3, 2001, on the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the current decline in tech-stocks that has since sent the entire industry into a financial tailspin.

The Back the Net Day campaign (that resembles an anti-Vietnam war campaign of the sixties) suggests that CyberSpacers of all ages, types, shapes and sizes engage in a high level of Internet support on April third.

Support Back the Net Day by not buying from brick-and-mortar stores but shop online instead. Make donations to non-profit charities online. Send electronic greeting cards or participate in online chat-rooms. Day-traders are encouraged to buy 10 shares of stock in their favorite tech-stock.

The flurry of online traffic on April third will, "send the world a loud, clear message," says Tchong, "that the Net will not only survive, but thrive."

The controversial project takes a firm stand against the brick-and-mortar establishments that seem to be faring well, utilizing the Internet as an extension of their business, not their primary focus.

On the other hand, the general feeling about the dot-com decline seems to be a good one. It is believed that the downturn in tech-stocks was a needed balancing, to shakeout the greedy money-grubbers that were only in it for the buck.

If Tchong's brainchild doesn't cure what ails the Internet, at least it will drive traffic to his own Web site, and he should be able to use the exploitative campaign to promote his business.

RingoSoft's Jim Ringelspaugh, has taken his own satirical spin on the proposed Back the Net Day, by launching his own Back the Net parody campaign.

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