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12 Week Chocolate Weight Loss Challenge

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

David Masters Chocolate Weight Loss DietEUGENE - Anytime Fitness launches their Chocolate 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge. The event hosted by Anytime Fitness owner, Jerry Evans, promises stellar weight loss results while following the 12 Week Chocolate Challenge designed by David M. Masters, author of The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet.

At the kick-off event, Masters delineates the program to participating contestants with the caveat to utilize the power of dark chocolate while competing in the weight loss challenge, "Use the healthiest preparations of dark chocolate with 65% or more cacao, that in their highest form would be non-heat processed," as most chocolates are Dutch-processed and alkalized destroying most of the health benefits of the naturally occurring 500 chemical components found in the cacao bean. Masters also warns to, "avoid chocolates that feature added fats, waxes, fillers, caffeine and processed sugars."

Chocolate Weight Loss Coach, Ron Gottschalk says, "Of the 500 chemical components found in cacao, 380 have been identified as healthfully beneficial." He described the health benefits of healthy chocolate as, "More effective than other antioxidant-rich foods in fighting disease, promoting health and acting as a powerful appetite suppressant," citing a study by the University of Copenhagen that concluded that test subjects who ate dark chocolate prior to eating - as opposed to those who ate milk chocolate - consumed less food.

Event spokesperson, Dr. Dene Eller, relates her own personal testimony as not only experiencing weight loss results of ingesting healthy, dark chocolate, but also enjoys the benefits of, "eliminating my cravings for fats, salts and sugars." Dr. Eller also touts the heart-healthy benefits of dark chocolate to include, "decreasing blood pressure and improving circulation, while defending against destructive molecules called free radicals, which trigger cancer, heart disease and stroke."

Masters says that his 12 Week Chocolate Challenge is gaining popularity amongst health clubs across the USA, "The importance of having, not only healthy chocolate, but access to the high-tech equipment available, like those here, at Anytime Fitness, can help you track your progress as you balance your life with healthy diet and exercise and maximizing your weight loss results."

Though the thought of losing weight while eating chocolate might sound funny, Masters says there's nothing funny about it. He says that he discovered the health and weight loss benefits of dark chocolate while he and his wife, Shelley, were working with thousands of serial dieters with their online support groups.

Can chocolate really be the new dietary cure? Seventeenth-century Europeans thought so, and they might not have been far from the truth, says Masters, "The concrete results combined with current scientific research that is going on right now, makes the power of the chocolate cacao bean undeniably superior to any food component found growing in any soil on this planet, to date."

The health and weight loss benefits of healthy dark chocolate also promote longevity as the two longest living Centenarians, Jeanne Calment and Sarah Knauss practiced eating chocolate regularly every day.

Chocolate Weight Loss Coach and Massage Therapist, Melody Gandy says, "Healthy chocolate promotes health and wellness, as it melts in your mouth, tastes wonderful, and increases one's mental capacity." According to a professor at the University of Nottingham, cacao increased blood flow to the brain for two to three hours. The temporary dilation of cerebral blood vessels was shown to increase cognitive skills for a short period of time.

Masters says, "Healthy chocolate is good for you," although premium chocolates are more expensive than the over-the-counter fare, "Think of it instead, like, you're spending your money on quality health supplements, and getting the high-quality chocolate candy as a free bonus."

Anytime Fitness owner, Jerry Evans, refers to the 12 Week Chocolate Challenge as, "an outstanding event that is the first of it's kind, here in the Eugene/Springfield area," and says that he has plans for his Anytime Fitness locations to be, "more than just a place to work out, but to promote overall health and wellness for one's entire being."

Anyone interested in more information, or participating in the 12 Week Chocolate Challenge, contact Jerry Evans at Anytime Fitness, (541) 285-5735.

For more information on The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet, visit

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