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Launch of First Ever Probiotic Chocolate-XoBiotic

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

Xobiotic Probiotic Chocolate by XocaiMXI Corp announces the launch of the first ever Probiotic Chocolate, ‘XoBiotic’ in February 2009. Although the North American and European beverages market has been inundated with a host of Probiotic drinks in the recent past, this is the very first Probiotic chocolate that is set to take the health beverage industry by storm.

MXI Corp has taken the results of its research on the positive side of chocolate and turned them not only into potent chocolate based health supplements with mass appeal but also into a fantastic business opportunity for millions across the world.

Xocai products are a powerhouse of nutrition and antioxidants, and they are pure and natural. They are the perfect delivery system for the antioxidants needed by one’s body, and they are void of most fat and sugar typically found in other chocolate products and have positioned Xocai as the highest quality, healthy gourmet chocolate available today.

Xocai's healthy gourmet chocolates contain no preservatives, waxes, fillers or caffeine, and they provide an abundance of antioxidants essential to optimal health.

Based on the premise that Xocai chocolate is scientifically proven to contain more antixodiants than any other food let alone chocolate, Xocai's offerings have been designated as the highest quality, healthy gourmet chocolate available today.

The latest introduction Xocai "XoBiotic" chocolate will be an 11 gram square and it will deliver 200,000,000 microorganisms of 2 types: lactobacillus acidophilus and bifid bacterium lactis (healthy bacteria which aids digestion). A combination of the health benefits of dark chocolate and those of these 2 probiotic cultures has turned into a double bonanza for health-conscious consumers.

Founder and President of MXI Corps, Jeanette Brooks is quite vocal when she vouches for the company’s innovative offerings when she says, "My motto is ‘from cacao beans to chocolate dreams.’ We've always been passionate about helping people become healthier with our chocolate."

MXI Corp., the parent company of Xocai Healthy Chocolate, a family-owned and operated business, was founded in June 2005. Founders Jeanette Brooks, son Andrew Brooks, and brother Kurtis Nelson were inspired by emerging scientific research on cacao's antioxidant potential and the amazing health benefits of dark chocolate. They wanted to create the ultimate chocolate products that are tasteful as well as healthy!

The result is Xocai as the highest quality, healthy gourmet chocolate available today and Healthy Chocolate, which combines the world's greatest super foods- raw cacao and acai berries- into the ultimate antioxidant treat.

MXI Corp. has posted unprecedented Sales growth figures of over 300% in 2007 and over 200% in 2008. There are more than 95,000 Distributors globally and the company is still experiencing growth.

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