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Revisiting Cult Movie Addicted to Murder - 2001

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

Brighton, MI -- In 1995 the cult-video-world was introduced to a new vein of vampire via the direct-to-video release of cult film, Addicted to Murder by independent filmmaker Kevin J. Lindenmuth. The groundbreaking micro-budget film was one of the first to be distributed through Blockbuster Video.

The premise of the 1995 movie is that a boy - who witnesses a murder by a vampire seductress - develops into an obsessive serial killer in search of the vampiress.

The film reached a wide audience considering its low-or-no budget constraints.

Positive reviews appeared throughout independent/cult film media. The media blitz started with exposure in Fangoria magazine and spread like wildfire.

The Addicted to Murder theme has permeated a solid trilogy of shot-on-video features. Dave Lewis of Video Addicts says, "A solid cast, a good story and regardless of the constraints of a limited budget indie flick, you need to see this film," which is available for sale, online in its original format.

Lindenmuth has recruited scriptwriter, John Raymond, to re-write the series into a single film to be shot on celluloid format for mainstream viewers.

According to the Lindenmuth, "Given the success of the video version it only makes sense to give this idea the budget it needs to be fully realized," offering the opportunity to release a new, updated version of the series that will be commercially palatable.

Lindenmuth - who directed previous versions and will also direct the updated movie - says, "The new millennium version of Addicted To Murder takes themes touched upon in the previous movies and culminates them in a brand new storyline with a different perspective and new characters never before seen in a vampire movie."

Production on the re-make should be underway by the end of the year.

You can find out more by visiting the official Addicted to Murder site at

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