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Online Merchant Processing Responsible for 600 Percent Increase

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

SEATTLE -- Billions in retail sales growth responsible in part to the commerce efforts of merchant account service providers like Nationwide Acceptance. Retail sales immediately jump 250% per transaction and Internet sales take off like a rocket thanks to automated online credit card processing.

"We have been saving merchants thousands of dollars for years," says Scott Sorenson of Nationwide Acceptance, rated #1 in customer service 4 years in a row, "we specialize in going the extra mile for new and existing businesses. Focussing on the highest levels of customer service while getting our clients the best possible service at the lowest rates."

"This last Christmas Season we were partly responsible for our clients' achieving up to a 600 percent increase over last years sales just by making certain that they were equipped to take the money however the buyers wanted to spend it."

"Many new businesses and retailers are turned-off by the hoops that their local bank makes them jump through," Sorenson continues, "they want a lien on your house and the title to your first-born, male child. I can work with you if you've been turned down, have low volume, high volume, high risk, have bad credit or just want to make your online sales easier even if you're using eBay."

There are no application fees, no set-up fees, no monthly minimums and low lease rates. "We have a solution for everyone no matter what your situation with the lowest transaction rates possible."

Nationwide Acceptance services include internet processing, checks by phone, check verification, guarantee service and emerging new profit sources for retail (brick and mortar) establishments: The ATM.

"Automatic Teller Machines are a great revenue source for merchants in high-traffic businesses," says Sorenson, "by providing the convenience of allowing the general public to obtain cash quickly and easily, the merchants are paid handsomely." For more information, visit their web page or phone (425) 876-6645 and ask for Scott Sorenson.

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