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Help for adoptees suffering from Adopted Child Syndrome

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

Palm Desert, CA -- What effect does the adoption process have on adoptees? This surely could cause severe psychological problems for adoptees as they go through life struggling with their search for their true identity.

Youths from all walks of life struggle with some sort of identity crisis that results in a sociological disorder of one kind or another. Some seek comfort in illegal drugs, alcohol and gangs, while others are absorbed into the framework of society as those with mental or social disorders.

There could be merit to statistics that suggest that a large cross-section of dysfunctional America may be led by adoptees, leading to the investigation and research of ACS (Adopted Child Syndrome).

According to Rolling Stone magazine, 60-85% of internees at Coldwater Canyon Center for Personal Development, a psychiatric hospital, were adoptees; most were referrals from Juvenile Probation Department.

June Idler of the Riverside County Juvenile Probation Department says, "45% of all felonies committed by juveniles are by adoptees." Not surprising considering the emotional struggle of being legally restrained from seeking one's birth parent(s).

All but four states (Kansas, Alaska, Oregon and Tennessee) legally restrict adoptees from obtaining information on their birth parents. Some states have fines as high as $5000 for unauthorized disclosure from a sealed adoption record.

Lori Carangelo was re-united with her son after an 18-year search and fights for the rights of other parents to do likewise. From her home in the desert, in Palm Desert, California, and without fee, she has helped over 10,000 families from all over the USA as well as other countries, to reconnect with missing relatives.

The battle being waged is difficult because - let's face it - adoption is big business. An average adoption runs $60,000. Search agencies charge adoptees non-refundable fees that range from $300 to $3000 to locate one's birth parent regardless of success.

You can find out more by visiting Carangelo's Web site at that also provides free links to online tools to help find your birth parent(s).

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