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Oasis LifeSciences Appoints Director of Business Development

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

Lacey, WA - January 5, 2005 - Oasis LifeSciences, one of the world’s leading healthy aging natural products companies that generates sales via network marketing, has announced the appointment of Scotty Kufus to the position of Director of Business Development effective January 3.

Kufus brings more than 20 years of direct selling experience to this position, having founded, operated and distributed for several multi-level marketing companies. These include his role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Euniverse/, CEO and Founder of Retired.TV/, and Executive Vice President, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Quantum Leap.

"Scotty will be an important liaison between the field organization and corporate office, providing service and support as a top priority, and supporting the sales goals of Oasis Associates and the company," said Derek Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Oasis LifeSciences. "Scotty’s impressive background and experience in leading the sales efforts of direct sales and multi-level marketing companies will lend themselves well to his responsibilities at Oasis."

As part of his support and service to the Associate field organization, Kufus will oversee the Compensation Plans, Associate qualification and Recognition Plans, business building and growth, training, meetings coordination, and basic day-to-day interaction with field Associates to support them in successfully building their business. He will also work closely with the marketing team to support the company’s overall marketing efforts.

Oasis LifeSciences, the world’s leading healthy aging company, is devoted to helping people feel, look and perform better at every age. Committed to the betterment of mankind, Oasis is dedicated to carrying out scientific research and development of innovative and natural products that promote quality of life.

Oasis is one of only a handful of natural products companies with full-scale genomic, proteomic and biological research capabilities that produce a unique, efficacious line of healthy aging products. Years ahead of its competition in unmatched and advanced research, technology and manufacturing capabilities, Oasis delivers what no other company can with proprietary and exclusive products such as Ageless™, AgelessXtra™, RegeniCARE®, MetaBerry®, MetaGreens®, Aloe Gold™, Longevity Signal® Formula, Inthinity® and RegeniPET®. Oasis…Liberating your body’s miracles!

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