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AtomicTangerine Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Fornaci Steps Down

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

San Francisco, CA -- AtomicTangerine's Board of Directors, after announcing the company's organizational restructuring, has announced that Jonathan Fornaci has resigned his position as Chief Executive Officer, effective December 26, 2000. Replacing Fornaci as acting CEO, will be Joe Deney, the company's Chief Operating Officer.

"Jonathan was instrumental in establishing the vision of AtomicTangerine as a separate entity focused on creating, claiming and owning the category of Venture Consulting," said AtomicTangerine's Chairman of the Board, Samuel Armacost. "It is now time to leverage that vision with a refined organizational focus that solidifies our leadership position in both Information Security and Venture Consulting for multinational and growing companies by committing resources in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to these singular services on a global basis."

AtomicTangerine offers consulting services that provide secure solutions for businesses, including risk assessment, architecture and design, public/private partnerships, risk management, executive programs, training, and on-line services. AtomicTangerine's new focus on a global information security offering will enable the company to capitalize on the escalating security market that is growing at a rate of 40% annually, according to the Gartner Group.

"The company's leadership position in Information Security," said Karen Worstell, V.P. of Information Security, "is based on an existing client base of multinational organizations, alliances, and industry efforts with Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL), I-4 (International Information Integrity Institute), and Interpol, forging cooperation between public and private agencies."

In Europe, the company has witnessed an increasing demand for business based on the Venture Consulting model, validated last year with the launch of an innovative interactive TV firm, SmashedAtom, that is a joint venture between AtomicTangerine and Telewest, the U.K.'s second largest TV cable operator.

"Europe is a marketplace that demands breakthrough strategy and technology for innovative platforms including interactive television, wireless/WAP and broadband applications," said Tom Nelson, V.P. for AtomicTangerine Europe. "We're continuing with the pure Venture Consulting model in order to take advantage of market opportunities and to introduce new businesses."

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