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HireSharp Partners unleashes weapons in the talent war

By Damon Marturion
New Business News Staff Writer

Philadelphia, PA -- There's a war happening in every office in every building. Subversive corporate warfare, laced with intrigue, intelligence and operatives every bit as good as anything on television. Competitors are fighting to steal one another's employees and vying for a dwindling pool of candidates in a tightening labor market.

Employers seeking skilled technical employees face the greatest shortage. The Information Technology Association of America predicts that 1.6 million new jobs requiring technology expertise will be created in the next 12 months---and as many as 800,00 will go unfilled. As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement, the ranks of generation X'ers are too thin to fully replace them.

To address the need, a scrappy upstart company called HireSharp Partners recently introduced RecruitSharp, a "talent acquisition weapon" that enables companies to hire multiple new employees quickly and effectively. In a full phased attack, HireSharp's "SWAT team" recruiters target happily employed candidates, often at a customer's competitors. Using a battery of tactics that includes extensive candidate research, contest- and event-based recruiting, employer branding, and more they lure them away one-by-one.

"Our primary goal is to attract and hire 'passive' job seekers, those who are not actively seeking employment. They are the employment elite," notes Evan Kaplan, president of HireSharp. By doing so he adds, they not only build a customer's talent base but also damage its competitors. For a recent customer, HireSharp recruited and interviewed the majority of staff in the marketing department of a rival employer. "If we wanted, we could have seriously impaired [that company's] operation," says Kaplan.

HireSharp's offensive strategy is the result of Kaplan's decade of recruiting management expertise. He points to a the 1997 "War for Talent" study by McKinsey & Co. which predicted that talent will be the single most important corporate asset over the next 20 years.

HireSharp's management took an uncompromising approach in developing RecruitSharp. "There's no mystery in what we do. We execute on a carefully constructed plan using proven recruiting tactics and cutting edge tools," he said. "We are always willing train our customers to use the RecruitSharp methodology." He pauses a moment and then offers, "we treat every engagement like we're waging a campaign. The stakes are truly that high."

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