Trendwest Collection Practices and Non-Cancelable Contract

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Trendwest Resorts

The president of Seattle-based campground timeshare hockers, Thousand Trails, along with five directors/officers therof, formed a new entity, Trendwest Resorts.

Potential buyers are seduced by entering a drawing to win a grand prize of a new automobile or sports utility vehicle. Contestants are contacted and notified that they although they are still eligible for the vehicle grand prize, they have also won another prize. This secondary prize ranges from a free dinner to a complimentary vacation. All you have to do is attend one of their 90-minute presentations to collect your prize. No purchase necessary.

The high-pressure sales presentation is their professional attempt to persuade buyers to buy-into their time-share vacation packages at a variety of levels. They make purchasing easy and offer in-house financing. Their main objective: get them to sign a contract.

What if you purchase one of their programs, then later change your mind? The official word from, Marcus Dixon of Trendwest Resorts is, "We have an ironclad, non-cancelable contract that cannot be dropped."

According to Trendwest, your only option is to fulfill the terms of your non-cancelable agreement, or to pay-off any remainder of your contract at a discount (discount applied for early lump-sum payment).

What collection tactics are enforced by Trendwest Resorts?

We have many reports on file of people who claim that they have been constantly harassed and defamed. Some incidents cited include

I am not a lawyer. I am only a reporter. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has been unreasonably harassed by Trendwest Resort. I would also like to hear from anyone who has ever discovered a way out of Trendwest's non-cancelable contract.

I might also like to hear from professional legal providers as to whether there really is anything that one could call a non-cancelable contract. It is my understanding that any contract is entered into by the mutual consent of two, or more persons, and is cancelable.

In my (albeit, likely, legally ignorant) humble opinion, if one could actually write a non-cancelable contract, there would be no need for lawyers - many whom spend a great deal of effort to support either side of a legally-binding contract between two or more individuals who mutually consented to signing said contract at one time.

I prefer, whenever possible, only to use services, or engage in legal contracts with upstanding businesses and individuals that offer an ironclad money-back guarantee rather than an ironclad contract. I find it interesting that any business would embrace legal superiority over high-customer-satisfaction standards.

Nonetheless, our free society in the Americas, allows businesses to align themselves with their own standards within some legal parameters. Americans are constantly warned by regulating authorities, "Let the buyer beware." And please, don't sign any document until you understand fully what the long-term ramifications may be.

I have yet to ascertain whether there exists a story, here, that needs to be told. If you have any information that you feel might be helpful, or if you would like to tell your story without implicating yourself, then please send me an email to

Thank you, in advance, for any help that you might be able to offer from your unique perspective that can aid our research of these issues.

I promise not to disclose your personal information, only to make other potential victims aware of pitfalls that may be ahead, or avoided, by entering into a "non-cancelable" contract with Trendwest Resorts, if warranted.

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